This category contains free subscription plans, users won't have to pay to subscribe for these plans.

This category contains one time subscription plan. When subscribers sign up for these subscription plans, they will have to renew their membership manually to keep being active members. Otherwise, their subscriptions will be expired (and they won't be able to access to restricted resources anymore)

This category contains recurring subscription plans. When subscribers sign up for these plans, their subscriptions will be renewed automatically by the payment gateway and Membership Pro extension when it is expired. The subscription will only be expired if :

- Number of the renewal reach the number payments parameter of the plan (if it is set)

- The subscriber cancel the subscription (some payment gateways allow cancelling recurring subscriptions from within the site, other payment gateways require subscribers to login to merchant website to cancel the recurring subscription)

This category is used to demo the group membership feature. With group membership, someone can subscribe for a subscription plan (to become group admin) and then he can add group members into his group. The group members will have same permission with group admin (except that they cannot add new group members). When group admin renew the subscription, all group members will be renewed. The number of group members group admin can add is determined by the setting of each plan

This category is used to demo the power of custom fields in Membership Pro. You can create custom fields to:

1. Collect more information of subscribers. Each plan can have it own set of custom fields.

2. Change subscription fee base on what subscribers choose on subscription form.

3. Assign subscribers to the Joomla groups you want base on the option they choose from custom field.